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Every day thousands of customers visit their local Money Mart store to make a secure financial transaction. So Money Mart can’t afford to have their systems down for even a minute. Money Mart embarked on a large-scale project to install backup circuits at all retail locations. With stores in both urban and rural areas, Money Mart couldn’t always rely on a landline-based backup infrastructure.


After doing extensive testing of multiple industrial-grade connectivity devices, Money Mart initiated its wireless backup project using the Raven X intelligent gateway, Sierra Wireless’ flagship lineup of 2G and 3G gateways.

“During testing, when the connectivity device needed to rollover to wireless, the only stable platform we found was the Raven X,” explained Pete Wilson, Money Mart’s Telecom & Network Administrator. Money Mart spent three months testing the intelligent gateways before rolling out their phased deployment utilising both GSM and HSPA network providers. As cellular networks have advanced, Money Mart has also advanced its Sierra Wireless backup infrastructure by upgrading to the Sierra Wireless ES440  enterprise gateways for 4G LTE networks.

“These gateways have been awesome, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the ES440 in the field,” said Wilson, who used the gateways’ ALEOS embedded intelligence and Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service to easily configure current Raven or new GX devices and manage their deployment. The combination of ALEOS and AirVantage Management Service enables customers like Money Mart to set up security and networking settings (ie. VPN tunneling, port forwarding, and routing), activate GPS location tracking and generate reports without any programming. “I deal with both network infrastructure and telecommunications, so I can put everything together quite easily,” explained Wilson. “The Dynamic DNS feature is very handy. With all of the tools available, the gateways only required a 5-10 minute setup, and then they were out the door. The AirLink gateways are always online when necessary. They’ve served our purpose quite well and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants access to network infrastructure.”

Money Mart started with about 140 Raven X gateways deployed, providing reliable wireless network backup to about a quarter of the company’s retail locations. The company is rolling out an ES440 upgrade to replace about three quarters of its current Raven gateways running on GSM networks. “We did a lot of due diligence, and I’m glad we made the choice to move our infrastructure to Sierra Wireless,” said Wilson. “I’m quite happy, we’ve never had problems with them. If the cellular network is up, then they are online. I don’t see us using any other hardware.”

* Case Study courtesy of Sierra Wireless

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Sierra Wireless Product ES440
Sierra Wireless Product ES440

Product - ES440

Sierra Wireless Product ES440
Sierra Wireless Product ES440

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