Modernised Network Infrastructure Using 4G LTE Failover for David’s Bridal


With more than 60 years of experience dressing women of all ages for life’s special occasions, David’s Bridal provides brides-to-be with a vast selection of bridal gowns and bridal party dresses at more than 300 David’s Bridal stores located across the US, Canada, UK, and Puerto Rico.

David’s Bridal stores are connected to the corporate network via T-1 lines backed up with wireless failover. The system met the company’s current needs, but David’s Bridal Director of Infrastructure Kevin Weaver wanted to modernise his network backup system to add more capabilities and features, and to take advantage of 4G LTE. Weaver and his staff talked to the major cellular carriers, who suggested that the company switch to Cradlepoint. The David’s Bridal IT department conducted proof- of-concept tests comparing their current wireless vendor to Cradlepoint, and chose Cradlepoint.


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The Challenge

+ Future-proof the current network infrastructure using 4G LTE failover

+ Deploy a central management solution to monitor the distributed enterprise.


The Solution

After conferring with cellular carriers and testing competing devices, David’s Bridal chose the Cradlepoint ARC Series and Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager.


The Results

+  Ability to standardise on one device

+  Centralised management of 330 stores, enabling devices to be upgraded in minutes and simplified security

+  Future-proof data management

+  Increased efficiencies for network administrators


David’s Bridal previously used a 1X and 3G networking configuration, which provided the company’s distributed locations with basic network connectivity, but as 4G LTE became an increasingly sound alternative, Director of Infrastructure Kevin Weaver’s goal was to future-proof his network by finding the most efficient and affordable way to take advantage of 4G technology.

He also wanted to move beyond the one-at-a-time way the IT staff had been managing its 330-plus device network and move toward central management of connectivity at all their distributed locations. For this NetCloud Manager was selected. As well as enabling Kevin, and the rest of the David’s Bridal IT team, to easily manage the network of ARC CBA850s, it also provided key data analytics:

“When I click on the NetCloud Manager dashboard, I can see the data use for our entire network, and for every store. The dashboard gives me the average for each day, which makes it easy to summarise, and to give my execs the big picture view of how the network is performing.”

Weaver says that the decision to choose a new technology provider is a big step for any company. He stresses the need to find a partner that is anticipating and planning for the future—and is doing so in a way that respects a customer’s technology investments. The technology itself, he says, must be adaptable to keep up with the future, and be built on a platform able to manage these generational changes. The Cradlepoint solution delivered just this; adaptable to keep up with the future, and built on a platform able to manage these generational changes.



“You change the end caps, and the Cradlepoint router and all of its features, functionality, and firmware stay the same. So from a network architecture standpoint, switching to Cradlepoint was a big win. It allowed us to standardise on one device with one setup, and then manage it all in one single place—NetCloud Manager.

When we first implemented NetCloud Manager, I divided our 330 stores into three groups. With just a couple of clicks, I can use NetCloud Manager to upgrade all 330 devices in less than ten minutes. That saves us a lot of labour, and got our stores protected very quickly.” – Kevin Weaver, David’s Bridal Director of Infrastructure



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Case study courtesy of Cradlepoint.