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Many of Inwindow Outdoor’s engaging, interactive displays are temporary installations for limited-time events and promotions at stadiums, hotels, conference venues and shopping centres. Because these displays are transitory, they must be portable and have the ability to quickly and affordably access the Internet at any location. To keep the experience fresh and relevant, Inwindow Outdoor requires remote access to its displays in order to regularly change content, provide real-time information, and monitor equipment to ensure the system is always up and running. When the company was initially developing its digital display systems in 2008, Inwindow Outdoor made the mistake of using consumer-grade wireless routers for broadband connectivity. After experiencing continual dropped connections and resetting, Inwindow Outdoor realised they needed an upgrade.


When Intel, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced integrated digital technology platforms, approached Inwindow Outdoor with the opportunity to co-develop a bleeding-edge digital display system, the company transitioned from unreliable consumer-grade routers to the Sierra Wireless GX440 gateway. The new digital display systems, known as Experience Stations, require 4G LTE mobile broadband connectivity to accommodate the high data rates needed to support rich content. The GX440 was a natural choice to fulfil this performance requirement.

“We made the mistake of going out and buying wireless broadband routers that weren’t commercial grade; it was a big mistake,” said Steve Birnhak, CEO of
Inwindow Outdoor. “The routers were dropping connections and not resetting; we quickly realized these issues were a non-starter.” Designed for use in a myriad of applications within fixed and portable environments its small and rugged form factor coupled with its multiple interface options give the GX400 the versatility for location-aware applications at an affordable price. Offering GPS and 3G mobile broadband connectivity, an expansion slot also enables the easy addition of I/O and communications ports, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

Inwindow Outdoor currently has several Experience Stations in the field and is using AirLink gateways in its other digital display units, as well. The GX440 provides Inwindow Outdoor and its customers with the ability to remotely manage display equipment and access real-time advertising data. In addition, the GX440 is Sierra Wireless’ most rugged and versatile gateway and can be configured and controlled by AirVantage Management Service, a next-generation device management application that simplifies and scales operations.

* Case Study courtesy of Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Product GX400
Sierra Wireless Product GX400

Product - GX400

Sierra Wireless Product GX400
Sierra Wireless Product GX400

Video - GX400

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