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Enlisted in 2003 by University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) developed pay stations that connected to the Internet, DPT originally developed their parking payment solution using WiFi for connectivity. Unfortunately, DPT experienced “all kinds of problems with the WiFi connectivity.” The need for reliable connectivity, secure data transmission and low power consumption prompted DPT to begin investigating a 3G mobile broadband solution.


After careful testing, DPT selected the Sierra Wireless Raven XT as a reliable 3G mobile broadband connection gateway. The Raven XT gateway’s sleek, compact form factor enables integration within existing infrastructure and enclosures, and its low power needs allow DPT the flexibility of solar or battery power.

One of the most critical aspects of DPT’s pay station solutions is the ability to securely collect and verify credit card payments in real-time. DPT is the only pay station manufacturer with both a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) organisation-level certification and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) product-level certification required for credit card transactions.

Of DPT’s total pay station deployments, about 90 percent of pay stations shipped are setup with real-time credit card transaction capabilities, and about half of those are wireless. The Raven XT intelligent communications gateway allows for real-time credit card validation, saving operators from lost revenue resulting from overdrawn accounts or stolen card usage. The Raven XT is built on a powerful platform for reliable data solutions for critical infrastructure monitoring and distance management applications. Remote configuration and troubleshooting capabilities virtually eliminate service calls to remote equipment.

“When it comes down to power consumption, the Raven XT was tested quite rigorously,” said Robert Choquette, technical product manager for DPT. “Digital Pay Stations can utilize both solar and battery power, and with the Sierra Wireless devices, we saw quick setup time, ease of configurability and quick wake-up; the device didn’t use a lot of power and just kept working.”

The Raven XT solution has resulted in significant benefits including: cost and time savings, reducing overall solution costs by eliminating the potential need for landline installation or the up-front costs of building a WiFi network; security, 3G mobile broadband technology and the Raven XT provide data security standards that meet the PA-DSS certification; rugged specifications, the Raven XT is built to rugged specifications for the harshest environmental conditions.

* Case Study courtesy of Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Product Raven XT
Sierra Wireless Product Raven XT

Product - Raven XT

Sierra Wireless Product Raven XT
Sierra Wireless Product Raven XT

Video - Raven XT

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