Building Connections With UK Connect


UK Connect (previously Countrywide Telecoms) is a reseller partner and independent business communication provider – covering mobile, landline and broadband services for the construction and housing industry. 

UK Connect has historically provided fixed line solutions to construction sites but this type of connection carries high installation costs and long lead times, often meaning a delay between the project start and connection dates – even if you pre-order. To ease this timing issue and provide instant connectivity to sites, the company created their “Office in a Box” product. Initially, this provided a preconfigured data and voice solution consisting of a VoIP telephone, a data SIM card, and a USB dongle, but the company found that the USB dongles’ signal was unreliable and they also failed in the tough environment they were exposed to on site.


The Challenge

Instant, reliable connectivity for UK Connect’s “Office in a Box” product – rapidly deployed and able to withstand tough construction environments.


The Solution

+ Ruggedised Cradlepoint COR router

+ Instant secure connectivity using 4G LTE

+ Consistent performance levels

+ Technical support and consultancy from to optimise connectivity at all sites


The Results

+ Fast and reliable connectivity on site from day one

+ Solution converts to failover once fixed line is in place to increase uptime

+ COR 4G LTE router now used in every single new site

+ 70% of turnover now attributed to UK Connect’s “Office in a Box” product

+ UK Connect now the market leader in mobile broadband solutions for the housebuilding and construction industry


UK Connect started researching different options on the market for their “Office in a Box” product and found a variety of 4G routers available, and during this search also found

“When PJ approached us about a best fit router for their Office in a Box solution,” said Sacha Kakad, Managing Director at, “We helped UK Connect to map out their requirements and then provided advice on the right product for them.”

As the devices were to go into a construction site, identified that the product would need to be ruggedised to withstand the rough environment and a Cradlepoint COR router was selected. With its high specification and durability, this router is perfect for application within the construction industry and is able to service all site office and marketing suite connectivity needs.

As part of the product provision also delivered sales engineer support and consultancy to get UK Connect’s Office in a Box to market with its new connectivity source.

Since adding the Cradlepoint COR router to the mix, the product has grown legs and become an option not just for primary or temporary connectivity but also for failover once the fixed line is installed. This means that if and when the fixed line connection fails the site can continue to progress, and the marketing suite can continue to do business.

UK Connect estimates that the mobile solution can save businesses up to 30% on costs compared to landline, offers a more stable service, provides much faster Internet speeds, and has the added benefit of enabling the site to move their cabins to the optimal position as the site develops – something limited by a fixed line.

These beneficial factors have led to UK Connect using the solution in every single new site. This large estate of devices are all managed by Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager, a cloud-hosted device configuration and management platform – enabling UK Connect to better support their customers.

“We won our contract with Linden Homes directly because of the solutions’ ability to provide fast and reliable connectivity to site from day one of the project – and it’s also helped us to extend our contracts with Barratt Homes, Bellway Homes and Galliford Try,” said Farr.


Taking The Partnership Further and UK Connect have enjoyed a long and successful partnership delivering simple yet effective solutions to UK Connect’s customers, and the company has since trialled and deployed a number of more advanced Cradlepoint routing solutions.

“UK Connect’s market proposition is an excellent example of the way our products can be applied in different industries,” said Kakad, “and we always look to support their expansion in any way we can. A great company, with a great product, UK Connect are a valued partner for us.”



“ has been and is the perfect partner for UK Connect. As well as the initial technical sales consultancy, they have also provided us with whatever help we have needed since to make the product a success.

Be it advice on delivering extended services such as distributed WiFi, or optimising the performance of our devices, I know that we can just ring our account manager and they will help us to design the best solution.”– PJ Farr, Managing Director of UK Connect



Read the full case studyDownload the full case study now to find out how and UK Connect (previously Countrywide Telecoms) have partnered to get construction sites online from day one.