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Including leading case studies from our manufacturers, as well as partner and end user case studies from, the selection below can help you to understand how our product range is already being used by our channel and their customers to get better connected.


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  • Connecting South Wales Police On The Road

    South Wales Police wanted to solve their connectivity issues so that Officers could work from the road, while still ensuring their network was secure.
  • Bringing Remote Sites Within Reach for Electra Networks

    Electra Networks wanted to create a single hardware solution that could monitor the power status and other key elements of core equipment at remote sites, and send an alert to a central location if an outage occurred.
  • Connected BEMS for Trend Controls: Providing the Bigger Picture

    Trend Controls were looking for a connectivity solution for remote management and monitoring of widespread Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).
  • Connected Signage for Pixel Inspiration

    Pixel Inspiration were looking for a mobile networking solution, as an alternative to fixed line, in order to connect their digital signage solutions and enable remote management and monitoring of the systems.
  • Bringing London’s River Bus Payments Up to Speed

    Transport for London wanted to implement a reliable, contactless payment system for the London River Bus that was familiar to London public transport users, i.e. Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) and contactless card payments.
  • Digital Payment Technologies Expands With Mobile Broadband

    Pay Stations equipped with intelligent gateways, that provide secure connections for real-time collection and verification of credit card payments
  • Money Mart Wireless Backup Keeps Money Moving

    Wireless failover solution for distributed enterprise to ensure always on and reliable network connectivity for essential business continuity
  • United Energy Pakistan Centrally Monitors Remote Facilities

    Deploying wireless monitoring solutions for utility sites and production facilities, enabling quicker data acquisition and more reliable information
  • Inwindow Outdoor Remotely Managing Digital Displays And Applications

    Transient digital installations in multiple locations, equipped with remote access for changeable content and real-time information for advertising analysis
  • Nestlé Nespresso Improves Coffee Performance With Connectivity

    A comprehensive and dedicated remote management solution extending after-sales services for businesses using professional coffee machines
  • Sui Southern Gas Company Remotely Monitors Critical Installations

    A wireless solution specifically designed to handle complex mobile data and remote asset management applications for extensive utility management
  • Veolia Water STI Offers Unparalleled Water Quality Monitoring

    Supporting laboratories and medical centres to monitor water purification systems, significantly reducing service times and providing real-time information
  • Schneider Electric Develop Remote Monitoring Of Charging Terminals

    Accommodating the rapid deployment of remotely managed and controlled electric vehicle charging terminals, reducing risk and allowing for high scalability
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