Broadband Support continues rolling across the hills of Wales

Based in Wales, Westbase Technology knows a little bit about connectivity and getting places! It’s also very encouraging to note that the Welsh Government also knows a bit about connectivity…this time it is related to mobile broadband connectivity!

The Welsh Government Broadband Support Scheme has recently been extended until 30th September 2013.

This means that the Scheme will continue to accept new funding applications to improve existing broadband access up until that time.

This is great news for those rural and remote communities across Wales, or those who have very limited broadband.

According to the Welsh Government website ‘If your Internet broadband download speed is less than 2 Megabits per second you could claim up to £1,000 to cover the upfront costs of purchasing a broadband solution’.

Of course when people think about broadband their minds drift off to traditional fixed line installations. Unfortunately those haven’t always proven effective in delivering internet connectivity, especially in areas where the physical nature of the landscape or the existing infrastructure makes it difficult to roll out improvements to fixed-line broadband.

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