Benefits of 4G LTE For Parking | Infographic


Make sure you read our latest infographic, “Benefits of 4G LTE For Parking”, and find out why investing in 4G LTE solutions can better connect your assets.

4G LTE for Parking


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Parking companies frequently encounter problems with traditional, fixed line solutions when installing them as they require trenches to be dug (which are a cost in themselves) and can also interfere with other civils – all of which escalates cost and time to deploy. Once installed, they also often require bulky cabinets to house the networking equipment – making, all in all, for an inelegant approach. A 4G LTE solution tackles these problems head-on by removing the need for major infrastructure amends as they are compact and easy to install. Many companies opt to place them directly within their existing parking hardware, for example within the barrier or pay machine stands.

In addition to these benefits, 4G LTE for parking can also be used for either primary or failover connectivity meaning critical applications such as point of sale can be protected. solutions also offer extensibility options as they can connect secondary equipment such as CCTV and ANPR cameras with the same solution, advanced routing capabilities for optimised performance, and cloud management which means multiple devices across multiple locations can all be managed from a single pane of glass. Cloud management, as well as simplifying management, also helps to reduce costs by removing the need for unnecessary truck rolls as central IT teams can troubleshoot and configure the estate remotely. are the leading UK and European distributor of 4G LTE and IoT networking solutions and we help businesses to transform by being better connected. We have helped organisations to connect 1000s of assets, locations and vehicles, and have 30 years of expertise to share. Our solutions are simple to install, highly secure and built with flexibility in mind, ensuring extended security and network management capabilities for your remote assets.


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