Our Partners


Westbase.io values its partners, and focuses on building strong, close relationships – the benefits of which we pass on to our customers.


In addition to the manufacturers noted below, Westbase.io also partners with leading mobile network operators across all tiers as well as other technology providers. As such we present a truly dynamic and diverse product and services portfolio, all of which is field proven.



  • Digi

    Digi provides industrial-grade, feature-rich networking products designed to connect the mission-critical Internet of Things.
  • Moxa

    Moxa provides quality products for industrial networking systems on a global scale, specially designed to connect industrial and commercial devices over media such as cellular networks and Ethernet.
  • Perle

    Westbase.io is one of Perle’s leading EMEA distributors. Perle is a premier provider of reliable, full-featured and competitively priced serial, I/O, Ethernet and fibre connectivity solutions. Their products are suitable for all sectors, including industrial applications.
  • IAdea

    IAdea’s digital signage products complement the Westbase.io wireless networking portfolio by fully enabling digital signage applications. Providing media players and screens, IAdea’s digital signage hardware is market-leading.
  • Cradlepoint

    Westbase.io is Cradlepoint’s UK and Northern European master distributor. Cradlepoint is a leading provider of 4G LTE, SDN and cloud-based networking solutions for failover, primary connectivity, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things, and in-vehicle applications.
  • Panorama Antennas

    Westbase.io is an official distributor of Panorama Antennas in the UK and Europe. Established for over 65 years, Panorama Antennas are a leading manufacturer of a broad range of antenna solutions.
  • Sierra Wireless

    Westbase.io is the leading Sierra Wireless distributor in the EMEA region. Sierra Wireless is a leading provider of 3G / 4G gateways. Helping to build the Internet of Things, their intelligent wireless solutions empower organisations to innovate in the connected world.