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hybrid networking


Growing connectivity demands.

From complicated applications such as connecting the Internet of Things, to more commonplace requirements such as guest WiFi hotspots, connectivity is at the core of business transformation today; enabling organisations to embrace new working models, improve operational efficiencies, better understand customer behaviour, increase safety and even generate new revenue streams.

As the adoption of these varied technologies expands, the need for truly flexible connectivity options increases. Hybrid networking is the answer to this.





hybrid networking


Enabling our channel to answer the demand.

Hybrid networking enables organisations of all sizes, across all industries, to leverage the benefits of all forms of connectivity. Combining wired, WiFi and cellular into a unified networking solution, that works together seamlessly, is the Westbase.io vision and solution for businesses to harmonise their IoT, enterprise and mobility strategies.

The Westbase.io product portfolio delivers hybrid competencies to our partners and, combined with our industry experience and partner support, we are equipping our channel customers with the know-how they need to answer the growing demand for flexible connectivity.




 Hybrid networking in practice…


hybrid networking example



Find out more about hybrid networking by downloading our hybrid networking whitepaper, which takes a look at what it is, the factors driving it, application examples and best practice advice…

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