Embedded Software Services

From Westbase.io and Control, a new member of the Westbase Group.


Embedded software servicesIntroducing Control services.

Part of the Westbase Group, Control specialise in developing embedded software services for the Internet of Things. Built for the Westbase.io product portfolio, these services are now available to our channel, to help deliver to your end customers’ requirements.

Leveraging the development capabilities of the Westbase.io portfolio, Control’s embedded software services will enable our resellers to answer end customer demands for IoT projects they’re working on. With many end users preferring to use a single supplier, this not only improves the service our channel partners can deliver but also opens up new revenue stream opportunities for them. Westbase.io and Control’s collective experience of development on these platforms provides our customers with the ability to deliver their IoT projects on time and in budget.




Embedded software services


How it works.

Leading wide area wireless manufacturers and IoT devices offer “fog computing” capabilities, meaning that hardware can host and run software applications at the network edge. Using Cradlepoint’s Software Development Kit (SDK), Sierra Wireless’ ALEOS Application Framework (AAF), or Digi’s Python-based development tools, these applications can be built and managed in the cloud and then pushed down to the hardware to run at the edge – adding intelligence and enabling the deployment of efficient and effective IoT applications that can be evolved in life.

Control can leverage these development tools to build custom embedded software applications which directly answer the requirements of the end customer’s IoT project – enabling our channel to maximise the value of its existing networking solutions.





Embedded software services


Proposal process.

If you have an IoT project which requires embedded software services, then you should please discuss this with your Westbase.io account manager who will refer you to Control. We will work with you to evaluate and deliver a proposal specification for the development of an embedded application, suitable for deployment on your chosen hardware.

There will be an upfront evaluation and specification fee (based on the complexity of the development), but this will be credited against final development costs once the project is awarded.





Embedded software services


More about fog computing and how it works.

Fog computing may be new to many of our channel customers, so please take a look at the below articles if you want to find out more:

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Embedded Software Services from Westbase.io and Control.
If you are interested in offering embedded software services to your customers then please speak to Westbase.io today by calling +44 (0) 1291 437 567. You can find out more about being a Westbase.io partner in our 'Work With Us' section.