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Tens of thousands of front-line workers and businesses connected.

Because we enable better customer experiences, safety and ways of working.

Westbase.io is the leading distributor of 4G/5G, IoT and Extended Reality (XR) technologies for industry.

30+ years of experience, best-in-class solutions, and partner support that makes sense. These are just some of the reasons that our partners choose Westbase.io.

The added value that sets us apart

Digital transformation with impact

Whether it’s increasing profitability, productivity or safety, Westbase.io can help to deliver better ways of working for everyone. We take today's business challenges and turn them into future opportunities which make a real difference.


Partner collaboration

Our partner support and services are at the heart of our business. We take the time to understand the context as well as the complex, both in your business and your objectives, so that we can provide support which realises your ambitions.


Industry-leading portfolio

We can help you to identify and address digital transformation opportunities for your customers. Westbase.io is the premier distributor of Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint and Digi 4G/5G and IoT solutions, as well as RealWear assisted reality (aR) head mounted tablets and a range of other complementary vendors.