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Sierra Wireless AirLink Mobility Manager

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AM displays a virtual dashboard with an up-to-date view of all connected AirLink routers and gateways, and delivers a continuous stream of rich, real-time network data, allowing users to analyse the behaviour of hundreds of devices, networks, and device parameters as it occurs. The AM enables users to create custom alerts and event triggers and offers on-demand or pre-scheduled historical reports for in-depth analysis and diagnostics.


The AM dashboard provides a configurable, colour-coded view of device health, enabling administrators to monitor a fleet of routers and gateways, and associated operating parameters. Each parameter has a configurable multi-level threshold that can be programmed to change the colour of display icons as thresholds are exceeded. Display filters are provided to allow users to quickly focus on a subset of information, and devices can be partitioned into groups with different user access levels. Many dashboard display parameters permit immediate ‘drill down’ for further detail.

Remote Management, Configuration and Software Updates

The AM supports remote and centralised management of the operating configuration of each Sierra Wireless router or gateway in a network. AM users with administrative access can remotely reconfigure AirLink® routers and gateways individually over-the-air, or can use the mass configuration capability to apply new operating parameters to the entire fleet. These powerful features are crucial to effective maintenance and long term performance of any large-scale enterprise communications solution. The AM also supports self-service software updates, allowing users with administrative access to remotely upgrade the firmware on their gateways or routers.

Core Reports

To augment the fleet status snapshot provided by the AM dashboard, pre-scheduled or on-demand historical reports enable deeper analysis and troubleshooting of AirLink routers and gateways, using accumulated management information. All report results are saved to the server and can be emailed to multiple recipients. Report data may be exported in Excel format for further analysis or integration with other systems.

Location-Based Reporting

The AM uses GPS data supplied by AirLink routers and gateways to provide a location-based view of fleet information.

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