Aer Lingus: Rapid Deployment Cellular to High-Speed WiFis

Aer Lingus: Rapid Deployment Cellular to High-Speed WiFis

As Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus flies twelve million customers a year to various destinations. Aer Lingus is part of the IAG group of companies, which owns British Airways, Iberia and Vuelling, and is an essential part of the country’s air transport network. Its sixty-five aircraft take passengers on over one hundred routes within continental Europe and North America, connecting Ireland to multiple destinations around the world.

Read on to find out how helped to deliver high-speed WiFi via 4G LTE for Aer Lingus’ re-branding launch event, or download your full copy now.

To deliver secure, high-speed mobile WiFi for 250 guests as Aer Lingus unveiled its new branding at a high-profile aircraft hangar event.

  • Working with Aer Lingus partners, Vodafone and Touchcom
  • Implementing a rapid, scalable Cradlepoint solution incorporating LTE routers and WiFi access points
  • On-hand technical advice and expertise before and during the event
  • Simple but secure user access via a password authentication process
  • A pop-up solution that was simple, rapid and efficient to implement, and worked seamlessly
  • Delivery of two high-speed, stable and secure WiFi channels
  • The ability to remotely monitor and manage the solution via the NetCloud platform
  • The ability to easily deploy the solution to other parts of the Aer Lingus business following the event for further operational benefits

“The solution had to accommodate up to two hundred and fifty concurrent users and these users were high profile guests, including VIPs and journalists from the news and aviation industry. As a trusted distribution partner for Vodafone Ireland and Touchcom, were consulted to help deliver the required solution quickly. They demonstrated how the Cradlepoint platform would meet all of our requirements, and they worked seamlessly with our appointed providers.”

– Mike Flynn, Head of Business Technologies, Aer Lingus.

“It was fantastic to be involved in such an important event for Aer Lingus, and to work through leading partners such as Vodafone and Touchcom. The Cradlepoint solution we helped to deliver for this event was a perfect example of how cellular technology is proving it not only matches traditional connectivity solutions, but exceeds them for some deployments – such as the agility and speed with which it can be installed.”

– James Kenny, Enterprise Sales Manager,

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Find out how helped provide Aer Lingus with a 4G LTE networking solution that was secure, high performance and quick to deploy.