4G LTE for Cruise Ships | Infographic


Check out our latest infographic, “4G LTE for Cruise Ships”, to find out why 4G LTE networking solutions are fast becoming a must-have for the global cruise ship industry.


4G LTE for Cruise Ships


The global cruise industry is consistently increasing across not just ocean but also river markets, as consumers look for new ways to embrace different cultures and experiences. Although cruises are designed to provide an escape from day-to-day life, it doesn’t necessarily mean passengers want to be cut off from the outside world while aboard. As we all embrace a more connected world, we expect to be able to connect our phones, tablets and other devices wherever we go, so we can continue to consume our content and share our experiences with our friends and family. In addition, cruise ships themselves are becoming increasingly connected as businesses look to deploy more advanced technologies on-board vessels to help optimise their operations, from IoT-enabled proactive maintenance, to more reliable communications for employees.

Traditional connectivity solutions for cruise ships are generally expensive, challenging to deploy and potentially limited both in speed and bandwidth. As cellular networking has improved however, and in particular as 4G LTE has become highly pervasive around the world, it presents a new opportunity for cruise businesses to improve their connectivity. With super-fast speeds of up to 600Mbps and highly flexible, 4G LTE for cruise ships is an ideal solution for providing on-board connectivity. It not only makes for a simpler and more cost-effective connectivity solution than other options, but also has the capacity to connect far more applications – enabling cruise companies to easily expand their on-board tech to improve their operations and drive out new customer services.

Westbase.io are the leading UK and European distributor of 4G LTE and IoT networking solutions and we help businesses to transform by being better connected. Our solutions are simple to install, highly secure and built with flexibility in mind – not to mention offer super-fast connectivity (up to 600Mbps) which typically outperforms alternative options. Designed for roaming, our 4G LTE for cruise ships solutions get connected easily and then stay connected, able to change networks seamlessly as the ship travels.


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