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4G LTE for Fleets

Connectivity on the road is essential to enabling better operations, increased visibility and productivity across a fleet. Many organisations attempt to achieve this by using tablet and handheld devices with built-in connectivity options, but then struggle to achieve a reliable signal. solve this challenge by delivering in-vehicle 4G/5G connectivity for fleets which is secure, reliable and easy to manage, plus can connect all field tech not just devices. We’ve connected 1000s of vehicles across Europe, helping organisations to get better connected on the road so their teams can focus on what they do best. Now, you can tap into this opportunity too by becoming a partner today.


Top 10 questions to ask before buying a mobile networking solution
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Equipping vehicles with multiple applications and communication systems can result in a complex network environment that is both hard to manage and expensive to run. It can be difficult to eliminate a gradual approach to development though, because it’s hard to know which applications will be needed and when.

To help minimise the impact of piecemeal upgrades, and avoid the negative side effects of network expansion, companies can equip each vehicle with a vehicle networking platform.

Download this white paper to learn about the top 10 questions you should consider when selecting a vehicle networking platform, including:

✓  Ensuring the solution is flexible and scalable to suit varying application requirements
✓  Remote management options
✓  Securing the vehicle network
✓  Meeting performance requirements
✓  Plus more


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Sierra Wireless distributor

sierra wireless

With over 25 years of wireless expertise, Sierra Wireless offers innovative technology solutions to hundreds of organisations in over 130 countries. With over 150 million devices shipped, Sierra Wireless are helping organisations to build innovative IoT solutions that rethink the future. Sierra Wireless’ range of purpose-built transportation solutions are ruggedised and designed for a vehicle environment, offer best-in-class cloud management to ensure a secure and easy to manage estate, and have been used by leading organisations across the globe. are the most experienced Sierra Wireless European distributor for the company’s AirLink® router and gateway range, helping to connect the Internet of Things across transportation organisations and bolster wireless innovation.



4G LTE for Fleets

With extensive experience of deploying in-vehicle networks, having connected many 1000s of vehicles, is the ideal distribution partner for you to address the growing transportation 4G/5G connectivity opportunity. Work with for access to:

  • Extensive partner support across technical, sales, marketing and warehousing
  • Unparalleled solution knowledge and 30 years of vertical market expertise
  • The latest technology innovations in cellular and IoT networking
  • A full solution range combining hardware and cloud services, plus extended software and connectivity services via our sister-company Control