4G LTE for Fleets

Connecting your field teams wherever they are.


4G LTE for Fleets

Connecting field teams from the road is essential to enabling better operations, increased visibility and productivity. Many organisations attempt to achieve this by using tablet and handheld devices with built-in connectivity options, but then struggle to achieve a reliable signal.

Westbase.io solve this challenge by delivering in-vehicle 4G LTE for fleets which is secure, reliable and easy to manage, plus can connect all of your field tech not just devices. We’ve connected 1000s of vehicles across Europe, helping organisations to get better connected on the road, so their teams can focus on what they do best.


“We needed something which provided us with stable and reliable connectivity across the globe […] Today we are better synchronised as an organisation, with vastly improved connectivity and better communications with our vessels.”

– Khurram Inam, Svitzer’s Regional IT Manager for Europe.


Customer Success

We’ve helped to connect fleets across logistics, utilities, roadside assistance and other industries. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Svitzer Milford Haven
Svitzer Tug Boats
Connecting South Wales Police
South Wales Police
Connected police cars
Hertfordshire Constabulary

Westbase.io 4G LTE for Fleets Can Better Connect…

Mobile WiFi Hotspots for all of your handheld devices such as phone, tablets and laptops. Enable your field teams to get online without worrying about signal, so they can securely access and update central databases with work reports and more.
Advanced Vehicle Location Services and Telematics for real-time analysis and support of your fleet. Built in GPS/GNSS and OBD-II integration enables simplified data retrieval, while flexible API integration allows this information to be easily fed into your chosen systems.
In-Vehicle and Body Worn Cameras to improve the security of your vehicles, drivers and the public. Westbase.io 4G LTE for fleet solutions enable elective retrieval of footage in real-time, or you can simply offload when the vehicle returns to depot using WiFi-as-WAN to conserve data usage.
Mobile Asset Tracking ensures that the right equipment is functional and available when it is needed. Using the 4G LTE in-vehicle solution, you can track when an item is removed and if it has been returned the vehicle or, similarly, if you’re working in logistics it can help to streamline your workflows by knowing automatically when a package has been removed for delivery.
Cold Chain Monitoring helps you to maintain a stable temperature by putting in place real-time information retrieval about the fleet’s condition, alerting you when changes take place so that you can address them before goods are spoiled.


4G LTE for Fleets

Westbase.io 4G LTE solutions for fleets include advanced hardware options with built-in, vehicle-ready features for maximum impact and minimum infrastructure, plus cloud and software-defined services which enable you to easily secure and manage your in-vehicle network without the need for large IT resource.

We represent the leading vendors in this market. With extensive experience of deploying in-vehicle networks, having connected many 1000s of vehicles, we are the ideal distribution partner for you to address this opportunity. Work with Westbase.io for access to:

  • Extensive partner support across technical, sales, marketing and warehousing
  • Unparalleled solution knowledge and 30 years of vertical market expertise
  • The latest technology innovations in cellular and IoT networking
  • A full solution range combining hardware and cloud services, plus extended software and connectivity services via our sister-company Control



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