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Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Highly diverse in its requirements, the public sector stretches across multiple types of industry. One clear commonality however is the need to work more efficiently and productively, in order to maximise resources which are under budgetary constraints. Cellular connectivity can help to achieve this by improving flexible working, enabling collaboration, and opening up new business models to save on costs.


In-Vehicle Networking

Optimising fleets in the public sector is essential to driving improved efficiency and productivity. A 3G/4G mobile networking solution can be used to create a powerful, secure WiFi hotspot in and around the vehicle that enables field employees to connect all of their devices. Using this connectivity employees can remotely access central systems and update “paperwork” from the vehicle, keeping them in the field for longer as they no longer have to return to their head office or depot location to complete it.

In addition to improving productivity, it also streamlines workflows by improving the information exchange between field and head office teams. By keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest information, teams can work more dynamically and efficiently.


Failover and Out-Of-Band Management

Highly distributed, the public sector is run on centralised, back-office systems – making connectivity essential for day-to-day working. Downtime has highly negative effects, the most poignant of which is that it can prevent teams from delivering their services to the public which can ultimately damage the organisation’s reputation. A cellular networking solution however can provide a seamless failover solution that automatically takes over if and when the primary network goes down. 4G LTE connectivity features high speeds and bandwidth as well, meaning it can deliver an uninterrupted service to keep all applications online – even the most advanced – so that employees can continue with their work as normal.

3G/4G networking can also provide an Out-Of-Band Management (OOBM) solution, providing the visibility central IT teams may need to help troubleshoot and configure the primary router. It can deliver this without the need for a dedicated line, OOBM modem or fixed IP address.


Rapid Deployment Connectivity

From temporary town halls to crisis response units, there are many situations in the public sector which call for new locations to be set up quickly. A 4G LTE networking solution can deliver a WiFi hotspot in nearly any location within days, ensuring that these sites are able to get connected and operate at full capacity from day one.

By allowing the field team to securely access and update central systems, they are also able to deliver real-time information to those central teams providing support – particularly important in crisis response situations. When the temporary site is dismantled, the cellular solution can simply be packed away and used at the next location.

Connecting housing associations

The same solution can also be used to connect housing association site builds from day one, alleviating the problems caused by fixed line installation delays. This means the project build can proceed at full speed right from the start, improving productivity and avoiding late completions. When the fixed line is put in place, the mobile networking solution can then convert to failover to ensure the site stays connected, or alternatively be moved to a new location.


Parallel Networking

Public sector organisations often deploy technologies which are managed by third parties, for example digital signage, kiosks in public buildings, and so on. These third parties require on-site connectivity to be able to remotely monitor and manage the technology in question, but access to the primary network cannot be provided due to the associated information security risks.

A 3G/4G networking solution can enable public sector suppliers to create a parallel network to run the technology on, so that they can carry out their remote management tasks without affecting or requiring the location’s primary network.

Guest WiFi

Similarly public buildings may need to offer guest WiFi for members of the public or contractors, but cannot open up the primary network for this use due to the same security constraints. A cellular networking solution solves this by creating a WiFi hotspot which is completely separate from the core network.


Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Whether it’s intelligent street lighting, smart buildings or intelligent traffic management, smart city initiatives are key to driving efficiencies that can reduce costs and resource consumption in the public sector – while also helping to improve contact between government organisations and the public.

Creating a smart city hinges on being able to deliver flexible, scalable connectivity which can power its Internet of Things applications. Delivering connect anywhere, anytime networking, cellular connectivity is the perfect fit. An enterprise-grade 4G LTE networking solution can deliver the speeds and bandwidth needed for even the most advanced applications, and ensure they are kept secure.



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