Industrial Connectivity

Industrial connectivity solutions are essential to enabling modern industrial processes, particularly automation. Connecting equipment to the network enables systems to collate, integrate and share data efficiently.

The ability to connect equipment to central controlling applications or a remote operator is important to running a cost-effective industrial operation. Enabling companies to increase productivity, improve customer service, ensure employee safety, control inventory and cut operating costs, industrial connectivity solutions are key to advancing industrial automation processes.


Connected Operations.

Improving factory efficiency is essential to reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. Utilising device connectivity to control, diagnose, repair and communicate with equipment such as programmable logic controllers, robots, process control equipment, and so on, is an effective way to achieve this.

In addition to automating processes, organisations can leverage the connectivity solution to unify silos of operating information into real-time and visible reporting, enabling fast decision making and improved operational performance.


Agricultural Automation.

Industrial connectivity solutions enable agricultural companies to reduce their costs by allowing them to remotely control and monitor machinery, such as crop irrigation systems and combines, as well as monitor water conservation systems and tanks of liquids, solids and gases. All of this streamlines their processes and improves awareness of the estate’s health.


Asset Tracking.

Equipment, parts and machinery are all expensive assets which need to be easily located and monitored by manufacturers. RFID or video surveillance is used in many cases to achieve this and industrial connectivity is essential to obtaining the necessary tracking data. Implementing an asset tracking solution enables manufacturers to optimise their logistics, monitor inventory levels accurately, prevent quality issues and detect theft.

In addition to locating assets, industrial connectivity can also enable asset health monitoring; reporting on equipment condition, operating parameters and environmental conditions to automatically trigger alerts and deliver proactive maintenance.


Wireless LAN.

A wireless LAN or WiFi hotspot for guest and corporate use is fast becoming essential in all industrial environments as organisations look to increase productivity by introducing mobile devices in place of traditional hard copy paperwork systems. Keeping employee’s devices connected in any location also means more flexible working and increased productivity. offers a broad range of networking products to meet industrial connectivity requirements, from industrial Ethernet switches to 4G LTE industrial gateways and routers. For more information on our range of products, please either follow the links below or contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 430 567 or




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