In-Vehicle Connectivity and the Emergency Services Network

Helping emergency services to prepare their in-vehicle networks for the upcoming changes.


In-Vehicle Connectivity and the Emergency Services Network

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) will initially run alongside the existing TETRA network in the UK, and will leverage 4G LTE networks to fulfil primary communication requirements. in-vehicle networking solutions are ESN-ready, with many solutions already deployed in recent years being field upgradable also. These relevant devices are either currently undergoing the approval process or have otherwise already been approved by the Home Office (please call for details).

As well as undergoing certification for the new UK ESN, Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless products are already field-tested with the US equivalent FirstNet/Band 14 system – demonstrating their leading capabilities within the emergency services industry worldwide.



In-Vehicle Connectivity and the Emergency Services Network – Why

Able to connect multiple applications from a single solution, and with enterprise-grade security and management capabilities as standard, our in-vehicle networking is ideal for helping you to address your requirements on the road. In addition to being powerful networking solutions, our hardware options come with a range of specific vehicle features that enable key applications such as driver behaviour, AVLS and other specific monitoring requirements. In addition, cloud management and software defined networking capabilities makes securing and managing your in-vehicle network a snap, without demanding large resources. All of this helps you to build a more efficient and effective service.


Customer Success

We’ve worked with over 40 emergency service teams across the UK and Europe to deliver in-vehicle networking – not to mention many other fleet and transportation customers. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Connecting South Wales Police
South Wales Police
Connected police cars
Hertfordshire Constabulary

Enterprise-Grade Security for the Emergency Services Network

We know that data security is a priority for emergency services. Responsible for handling all sorts of sensitive and confidential data, your network needs to be highly secure – and your mobile network is no different. That’s why all of our 4G LTE in-vehicle solutions come with enterprise-grade security as standard; simply extend your corporate policies to the network edge with minimum fuss. In addition, some solutions come with software-defined networking capabilities that allow you to create an invitation-only overlay network that can reach anywhere across the Internet and secures all traffic within it, protecting it from potential hackers.


Dual Modem Benefits for the Emergency Services Network.

A key benefit of in-vehicle 4G LTE solutions is dual modem capabilities. The dual modem will allow vehicles to leverage both the ESN and another commercial 4G LTE network for maximised capabilities:

Load Balancing – By balancing the application load between the two modems, your teams can enjoy maximised bandwidth. While keeping their mission-critical communications running on the ESN, you can leverage the second modem to connect other, less critical applications, for example digital surveillance or asset tracking.

High Availability – The ESN will be highly resilient of course but no network can guarantee 100% uptime and coverage. For those who need to be sure that they can get connected in any situation, a dual modem solution is ideal as it can provide you with wireless-to-wireless failover in the event of network issues or moving into an area where ESN coverage isn’t quite good enough.


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