4G LTE Healthcare

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4G LTE Healthcare

In order to deliver outstanding patient service, healthcare providers are investing in new approaches and technology to help make their operations more efficient. Access to up-to-date information is central to achieving this, whether from a fixed hospital or surgery location, or out in the field. This means that connectivity is key.

Westbase.io provides primary and failover 4G LTE healthcare solutions that make it easier to introduce these new approaches and tech. Avoiding the costs and disruption associated with running additional wires for fixed line connectivity, cellular is flexible, reliable and, with our range of solutions, can be highly secure and simple to manage in any location – whether permanent or temporary. It can also be deployed rapidly to support unexpected emergency responses.


“There is no doubt that we are seeing the business and community benefits of these devices. They improve our access to information.”

– Detective Chief Inspector Damien Kennedy, Project Manager for Mobile Data, Hertfordshire Constabulary.


Customer Success

We’ve helped organisations to get better connected across a range of industries; from connecting assets and signage in fixed locations to delivering rapid deployment connectivity for temporary sites. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Aer Lingus Case Study
Aer Lingus Rapid Deployment
Connecting South Wales Police
South Wales Police
UK Connect Case Study
UK Connect Rapid Deployment
Connected police cars
Hertfordshire Constabulary

Westbase.io 4G LTE Healthcare Solutions Can Better Connect…

Temporary Locations: Temporary locations such as field hospitals, emergency clinics and quarantine centres all require connectivity to function effectively. Establishing a secure, managed network to support your healthcare team and services, our cellular solutions can be deployed wherever you need them to be and still be managed remotely by your central IT resource.
Mobile Healthcare Workers: Enable your field teams to get online easily, so they can securely access and update central databases – allowing them to focus on what they do best. Available as an in-vehicle network or rapid deployment hotspot, our 4G LTE remote healthcare worker solutions are flexible and simple to use.
IoT applications such as connected signage, kiosks and vending machines: By making certain services and information more accessible to patients, healthcare providers can streamline operations while improving care. 4G LTE provides a simple solution to connect this tech, allowing you to quickly deploy it wherever it’s most needed, without worrying about the expense and complications of running a fixed line. Cellular also separates these edge applications from your core network to improve IT security.
Connected Medical Equipment: In some cases it’s more effective and efficient to connect medical equipment using a separate routing solution, rather than an embedded module. In such cases the 4G LTE healthcare solutions available from Westbase.io are ideal, offering enterprise-grade security and simple, seamless integration.
High Availability Networking: Primary healthcare networks today are under increasing strain as traffic across them rises consistently. To help with this, our 4G LTE healthcare solutions can work with your existing wired infrastructure to deliver high availability networking. Our solutions can converge the two, enabling load balancing and burst bandwidth so that your networks don’t get overloaded during peak periods.
Failover: Ensure your critical systems are kept online when you have issues with your primary network. Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, our 4G LTE healthcare solutions can be deployed quickly and easily. Our solutions even feature out-of-band management which allows your central teams to troubleshoot the primary router via the cellular connection to try and restore it.


4G LTE Healthcare

Westbase.io are the leading UK and European distributor of 4G LTE and IoT networking solutions and we help organisations to be better connected. Our 4G LTE healthcare solutions are simple to install, highly secure and built with flexibility in mind, ideal for a broad range of primary and failover requirements in both fixed and temporary locations.

All Westbase.io solutions are also cloud-managed so no matter where your healthcare network needs to go, your central IT team can easily monitor and manage it to ensure it is up-to-date and performing optimally. Work with Westbase.io for access to:

  • Extensive partner support across technical, sales, marketing and warehousing
  • Unparalleled solution knowledge and 30 years of vertical market expertise
  • The latest technology innovations in cellular and IoT networking
  • A full solution range combining hardware and cloud services, plus extended software and connectivity services via our sister-company Control



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