3G/4G Solutions for Emergency Services

Real-time Location Tracking

WiFi Vehicle Hotspot

Remote Access to Central Systems

Deployment of Specialist Technologies

CCTV Monitoring and Management

Asset Tracking

Emergency services rely on fast response times, accurate information and supporting technologies such as facial and number plate recognition. By implementing an in-vehicle network across an emergency fleet, the delivery of each of these critical areas can be improved tenfold.


Real-time Location Tracking

Emergency fleet response times are crucial to their effectiveness as a service. As well as providing the connectivity required to power Advanced Vehicle Location Service (AVLS) applications, Westbase.io 3G/4G routers also feature or support active GPS. Enabling AVLS provides emergency response despatch teams with best routing information and real-time location services; allowing them to better track and assist emergency response fleets on route to and from incident scenes, providing them with geographical and topical information that can help to improve response rates.


WiFi Vehicle Hotspot

A key enabler for emergency fleets is on-the-road connectivity.

Police Fleets

By creating a WiFi hotspot both in and around the police vehicle, officers are able to use mobile devices to remotely access and update their central systems, databases, desktop applications and intranet on-the-go – meaning less time is required at the station, and more time can be spent in the community.

Ambulance Fleets

An on-the-road WiFi connection for ambulance vehicles means the ability to access and update patient records on-the-go, ensuring that paramedics can be fully aware of medical histories and enabling them to send essential patient stats to Accident and Emergency departments for improved response upon arrival. Plus by using the WiFi as WAN feature, ambulance systems can automatically synchronise data on their return to depot.

Fire Fleets

Westbase.io mobile routers and gateways deploy rapid WiFi in and around fire engines to provide on-the-ground connectivity so that firefighters can transmit and access critical data in real-time. Router failover features also mean that additional connectivity options such as satellite can be easily added to the solution, maximising its resilience.


Deployment of Specialist Technologies

By providing a connection that gives on-the-road access to central systems, a mobile connectivity solution can also aid the deployment of specialist technologies to further support emergency service workers in the field. For example, it can enable the deployment of facial and number plate recognition technologies which improve crime intelligence and arrest rates.


CCTV Monitoring and Management

More and more emergency fleet vehicles now carry CCTV equipment for improved service delivery and risk management.

Elective retrieval over cellular

Instantly access and retrieve incident footage from in-vehicle CCTV equipment, perfect for critical situations where footage needs to be accessed quickly or the vehicle is prevented from returning to depot.

Daily retrieval using WiFi

A mobile connectivity solution can also continue to support daily retrieval of footage over WiFi as WAN when the vehicle returns to depot – helping to reduce data costs.


Asset Tracking

Having the correct equipment in working condition is critical to the success of emergency services, making asset tracking a key exercise for fleets. A mobile solution can provide the connectivity required to power asset tracking hardware and software so that an up-to-date and accurate database of equipment can be kept and monitored – without compromising the primary network.



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