4G LTE for Emergency Services

Connecting emergency services on-the-road.


Emergency services rely on fast response times, accurate information and supporting technologies such as facial and number plate recognition. By implementing a 4G LTE in-vehicle network across an emergency fleet, the delivery of each of these critical areas can be improved tenfold.



4G LTE for Your Emergency Service…

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4G LTE for Police
Police Services
Ambulance Services
Ambulance Services
4G LTE for Fire and Rescue
Fire and Rescue Services

Westbase.io 4G LTE solutions for emergency services include advanced hardware options with built-in, vehicle-ready features for maximum impact and minimum infrastructure, plus cloud and software-defined services which enable you to easily secure and manage your in-vehicle network without the need for large IT resource.

We represent the leading vendors in this market and our in-vehicle networking solutions are ready for the Emergency Services Network, with many solutions already deployed in recent years being field upgradable also. These relevant devices are either currently undergoing the approval process or have otherwise already been approved by the Home Office (please call for details).

For more information on how Westbase.io 4G LTE in-vehicle solutions will work with the new Emergency Services Network please follow the button link below:


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