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Hands-free solutions for front line and remote workers.


Connected Worker RealWear

Providing front line and remote workers with the information and support they need, the RealWear HMT is the first ruggedised, head-mounted wearable Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands. Designed for safety, while optimising productivity, these leading solutions available from are purpose-built to deliver connected worker programmes.

With over 100 software partners to choose from, companies can support a wide range of use cases including digital workflow, remote expert, industrial IoT visualisation and document navigator.

“It’s always a pleasure to talk with guys; they are easy to reach by phone or email, questions get answered and problems get solved. They have a problem-solving attitude and they really want to help us to find a working solution. They understand both the business and technology side of things.”

– Mikko Kiertonen, Sales Director for NDC Networks Oy


Customer Success

RealWear have supported many connected worker programmes, across many industries. Check out some of their case studies:

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Volkswagen Boost Repair Efficiency
Total RealWear Case Study
Total Digital Transformation
Honeywell RealWear Case Study
Honeywell Transforms Disruptions into Opportunities
Colgate RealWear Case Study
Colgate Eliminate Travel Expenses Connected Worker Solutions Can Support the Following Use Cases…

Digital Workflow solutions provide visual instructions, checklists, data entry, and visual documentation of completed steps while on the go. RealWear HMT enables digital workflow to reach workers when and where they need it – improving productivity and reducing operational errors. Find out more about digital workflow by downloading the use case guide using this link.

Remote Expert is hands-free collaboration and telepresence for first line and field workers. The HMT is equipped with a high-definition camera, powerful audio and unmatched noise cancellation capabilities, enabling workers in the field to get assistance from experienced or specialist technicians via an enhanced two-way video call experience where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view. Find out more about remote expert by downloading the use case guide using this link.

Industrial IoT Visualisation solutions with the RealWear HMT provides operators with the real-time data they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment. Now workers can get actionable information from the machines they service, on the go, to help them make smarter decisions on-site as they perform predictive maintenance. Find out more about IIoT visualisation by downloading the use case guide using this link.

Document Navigation: Viewing documents on the HMT enables the workforce to view technical manuals and any other documents without needing to hold them in their hands. Using reference documents with eyes forward and hands-free improves productivity and safety. Find out more about document navigation by downloading the use case guide using this link.


Connected Worker RealWear are the leading UK and European distributor of RealWear. The award-winning knowledge transfer HMT platform is the first ruggedised, head-mounted wearable Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands. Designed for safety and built for productivity, the RealWear HMT range can help to deliver a wide range of connected worker programmes:

  • Supports over 100 software partners to enable a wide range of use cases
  • 100% voice-controlled, even in noisy environments
  • Foresight cloud management simplifies device deployment, configuration and troubleshooting


Work with for access to:

  • Extensive channel partner support across technical, sales, marketing and warehousing
  • Unparalleled solution knowledge and 30 years of vertical market expertise
  • The latest technology innovations in 4G/5G, IoT and AR glasses
  • A full solution range combining hardware and cloud services



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