3G/4G for Rapid Deployment Connectivity

3G/4G rapid deployment connectivity provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that connects organisations instantly from day one, enabling new sites and temporary locations to work at full capacity regardless of fixed line availability.

More and more organisations today are moving to centralised and cloud-based business applications – meaning that the need to access fast, reliable and secure connectivity is a number one priority for IT teams when establishing a new or temporary location.


Getting connected from day one

Most businesses use fixed lines as their primary form of connectivity, so when they establish a new branch location – for example, a new retail store – they will naturally plan fixed line infrastructure in to the development. Yet in most cases, even when pre-ordered months in advance, new sites can be left waiting for their fixed line connection due to long lead times on installation.

In other cases, organisations may need to establish temporary sites very quickly and without notice, so a fixed line install isn’t an option – for example, emergency services teams who need to establish connectivity for an incident site.


Time is money

Delays in getting connected means that locations cannot operate at full capacity; cut off from their core network, construction sites cannot access and update essential information such as CAD drawings, retail and restaurant sites cannot process transactions, emergency service teams cannot access critical infrastructure and historical information to assist them in their duties, and so on. It all means inefficient operations, poor service, and huge costs to the organisation as a result.


Enter LTE: Rapidly deployed, reliable, secure and fast

By implementing a mobile networking solution new locations can get connected from day one. LTE can provide a powerful, rapidly deployed connectivity solution for temporary connectivity in any situation – enabling locations to work at maximum capacity regardless of fixed line delays. Some examples include:

Instant connectivity for construction sites

Westbase.io provide ruggedised mobile networking solutions which can withstand the tough environment of a construction site to deliver fast, secure connectivity from the very start of the project build. Portable in its nature it also enables the site to move their cabins to the optimal position as the site develops – something limited by a fixed line.

Immediate connections for retail stores and restaurants

Retailers and restauranteurs spend months preparing and marketing new openings but if fixed line installation is delayed this means potentially thousands lost in sales revenue, damage to the brand reputation, and countless other losses. A Westbase.io LTE networking solution solves this problem by instantly delivering connectivity that is fast and reliable enough to power mission critical applications, so that new locations can open their doors on time.

Rapid connectivity for emergency requirements

Emergency service and other similar organisations need to be able to serve the public as efficiently and effectively as possible, yet lack of connectivity at incident sites can be a highly limiting factor to this. By establishing a rapid site 4G LTE connectivity solution in such cases though, they can get teams up and running as well in the field as they could from an office – not only improving on-the-ground operations but also collaboration between teams and services.


Improve resilience by converting to failover

Once the fixed line has been installed, the cellular solution can seamlessly integrate with your wired connectivity to improve the location’s resilience. By converting to a failover solution, it can help to keep the location online if and when the primary connection fails – extending its lifetime value even further.


Pop-up connectivity for temporary locations

As well as providing a rapid solution for sites where fixed line installation is delayed, a 3G/4G connection can also provide pop-up connectivity for temporary locations where it isn’t readily available.
Be this a pop-up restaurant or shop, exhibition stand or outdoor event, a mobile networking solution can instantly deliver fast, secure and reliable connectivity to any location – then be easily moved to a new location as and when it’s required.


Cutting the wire permanently

The development of product solutions that benefit from multiple cellular connections, combined with the evolution of LTE, means that 3G/4G networking is now a true alternative to fixed line. Because of the ability to use multiple operators in a single device solution, resilience is inherent – allowing organisations to “cut the wire” permanently and use cellular for their primary connectivity.


Simple to manage

Westbase.io 3G/4G networking solutions are all cloud-managed, enabling central IT resources to remotely configure, manage and monitor all devices in the estate. With advanced features available, IT teams can easily extend corporate policies and practices to the edge of the network.



LTE for instant connectivityThe Importance of Day One Connectivity


Run business-critical applications such as Point of Sale

Access centralised and cloud-based systems, databases and applications

Run at full capacity, improving efficiencies and reducing costs

Provide connectivity services needed by employees and expected by customers





3G/4G fast deployed connectivityThe Benefits of Using Cellular for Rapid Connectivity


No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months

Simple installation for plug and play connectivity services

Supports all necessary applications and extends the corporate network securely

Minimised disruption and downtime by delivering a reliable connectivity solution from day one

Can be converted to a valuable failover solution to improve business continuity

Cloud-managed for simplified monitoring and management




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