4G LTE Rapid Deployment Connectivity

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4G LTE rapid deployment

Getting connected from day one in new locations is essential to performing even basic processes but can be challenging for many organisations. Fixed line installation can take weeks if not months, and public WiFi (if available) can be insecure. Employing a 4G LTE rapid deployment solution can deliver instant, secure and reliable connectivity to any location at any time.

Our 4G LTE solutions have helped to get many 1000s of new or temporary locations online from day one, supporting both public and private organisations across varying industries. Cloud management enables central IT teams to simply ship the equipment to site, power on and then manage remotely – keeping deployment costs low as well.

“The Office in a Box offers construction sites exactly what they need – connectivity from day one. Providing a cellular connection as a substitute solved the problem of fixed line installation wait times. Westbase.io has been and is the perfect partner for UK Connect. As well as the initial technical sales consultancy, they have also provided us with whatever help we have needed since to make the product a success.”

– PJ Farr, Managing Director at UK Connect.


Customer Success

We’ve helped to provide rapid deployment connectivity to many organisations, across many industries. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

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Westbase.io 4G LTE Rapid Deployment Solutions Can Better Connect…

Emergency Response Units: Emergency services, and other similar organisations, need to be able to serve the public as efficiently and effectively as possible, yet lack of connectivity at incident sites can be highly limiting. By using a 4G LTE solution in such cases though, you can get teams up and running in the field – not only improving on-the-ground operations but also collaboration between teams and services.

Temporary Healthcare Locations such as Field Hospitals and Mobile Medical Clinics: Whether responding to an emergency situation from a field hospital, or providing regular services from a mobile clinic, a pop-up networking solution can help you to establish secure, reliable communications quickly in any location.

Construction Cabins: Including ruggedised options, our 4G LTE rapid deployment solutions can withstand the tough environment of a construction site to deliver fast, secure connectivity from the very start of your project build, allowing those on site to access up-to-date drawings, information and business services. It can be converted to failover once the fixed line is installed, and later redeployed easily to another site when the build is completed.

Construction Services: Many construction companies now offer their customers advanced on-site services such as marketing pods and virtual reality experiences to bring their new homes to life. Our 4G LTE rapid deployment solutions can easily connect these in addition to site cabins. Furthermore, they’re also ideal to offer “move in day” connectivity to your customers who take residence before their fixed line service is available.

Temporary Retail Locations: Also known as “pop-up” locations, these temporary retail and hospitality locations are becoming increasingly popular to reach new customers. Establishing a secure, managed network to support Point-of-Sale and other services, our 4G LTE rapid deployment solutions can be deployed wherever you need them to be.

New Retail and Hospitality Locations: Companies spend months preparing and marketing new openings, but if fixed line installation is delayed this means potentially thousands lost in sales revenue, damage to the brand reputation, and countless other losses. A Westbase.io 4G LTE rapid deployment solution solves this by instantly delivering connectivity that is fast and reliable, so that your new locations can open their doors on time.

“We are looking to grow our store estate tenfold […] To be able to do this successfully we had to make sure our network was able to manage connectivity for a growing number of locations and be flexible enough to keep up with our rollout pace.”

– Gary O’Connor, CTO at Doddle.


4G LTE rapid deployment

Westbase.io are the leading UK and European distributor of 4G LTE rapid deployment connectivity solutions and we help businesses to transform by being better connected. We have worked with many organisations, through our channel, to provide secure, reliable day one connectivity because our solutions offer:

  • Enterprise-grade security and PCI compliance that keeps you and your network protected, wherever you take it
  • Simple deployment which can be managed centrally – just ship and plug-in
  • No extended lead times, connecting new locations within days
  • Once fixed lines are available, the solution can be converted to failover and / or redeployed to another site
  • Cloud management allowing your central IT teams to monitor and manage the network, regardless of location


Work with Westbase.io for access to:

  • Extensive channel partner support across technical, sales, marketing and warehousing
  • Unparalleled solution knowledge and 30 years of vertical market expertise
  • The latest technology innovations in cellular and IoT networking
  • A full solution range combining hardware and cloud services, plus extended software and connectivity services via our sister-company Control



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