3G/4G for Primary Connectivity

As businesses expand their footprint to new and sometimes unusual locations, connectivity can become a challenge. With 3G/4G primary connectivity though, they can get connected anywhere, anytime.

Businesses today are expanding their locations in a bid to reach and engage their customers in new ways, as well as deliver their services to a broader audience. With this comes a connectivity challenge as fixed lines are unable to reach these more remote locations – yet never has connectivity been more vital to a business.


The importance of connectivity.

From the adoption of centralised back office systems, to the deployment of new business technologies such as the Internet of Things, today’s businesses are reliant on connectivity. Driving critical applications and business enhancements alike, without connectivity the majority of organisations cannot operate.


New locations, new connectivity.

Regardless of this reliance on connectivity, organisations are starting to do business in new and unusual locations. From pop-up shops in the middle of shopping centres, to temporary restaurants on roof-tops, gardens and beaches, businesses today are finding new locations from which to reach their customers. In addition to these new, innovative locations designed to engage customers, businesses are also looking to simply expand their reach to new audiences – for example, large retailers are opening local convenience stores to reach rural populations.

This changing environment demands networking which can be connected anywhere, at any time, and normally with little notice. Ultimately businesses now require a new, more flexible connectivity than fixed line alone can provide, while still ensuring that their enterprise network is kept secure.


Cut the wire with 4G LTE cellular connectivity.

Historically there has been no real answer for businesses when fixed line isn’t readily available – meaning organisations have had no choice but to accept limited functionality in more remote locations, or otherwise simply been unable to set up at all. With the widespread availability of 4G LTE however, this has changed.

4G LTE provides a true connect anywhere, anytime solution which is completely flexible to the enterprise’s requirements. Featuring high speeds and bandwidth, a 4G networking solution can connect even the most advanced applications with ease – creating a full pop-up network which can extend the enterprise network to any site.

This means that organisations can successfully launch new business branches in almost any location, and use all the technology they need to do so, regardless of existing wired connectivity.


Enterprise-grade networking solutions.

Our 4G LTE networking solutions don’t just bring flexible connectivity, they bring scalability and true enterprise networking performance – meaning businesses can use wireless as a true alternative to fixed line, extending their existing networking and security standards to the very edge of the network.

Combined with the high speed and broad bandwidth capabilities of 4G LTE, this also means that our solutions can connect and power even the most advanced applications.

Cloud-managed and secure.

Our leading cellular networking technologies are all cloud-managed with advanced security features and capabilities. This not only enables organisations to ensure the security of their network edge, but also ensures that the distributed network of 4G LTE routers and gateways are easy and cost-effective to deploy and manage.


Examples of primary connectivity using 4G LTE.

The following are just a few examples of how organisations today are using cellular for primary connectivity:

Retail, hospitality and construction companies are connecting remote locations over 4G LTE where fixed line is not available, and it is too expensive to install it. Using a cellular networking solution they are able to establish a primary network in any location which connects all of their business applications.

Companies are also using the same solution to deliver temporary connectivity to sites where a fixed line installation is possible but has been delayed – enabling them to operate at full capacity from day one.

Events are using 4G LTE to deliver temporary connectivity to retailers, hospitality companies, event employees, and so on. The cellular solution can connect all of the necessary event applications quickly, in any location, so that it can be run as efficiently and productively as possible. Then when the event is over the networking solution can be disabled, moved and reconnected when needed at a future event.

Concessionaries in retail stores or shopping centres are using 4G LTE networking solutions to bring their own network. Even though the locations they operate in typically have fixed line available, it is common for them to be refused access to primary infrastructures due to potential security or performance risks. The pop-up network delivered over cellular connects all necessary applications though, enabling the concessionary to complete business transactions and operations as required – without needing access to, or affecting, the location’s primary network.



3g/4g primary connectivity for retailChallenges Facing Primary Connectivity


Connectivity is a key requirement for today’s businesses – without it they cannot operate

Business locations are changing and becoming more remote, where fixed lines are not available

This ultimately means that businesses today require a more flexible, scalable form of connectivity than traditional options can provide – while still needing to be secure and reliable






4G LTE primary connectivityThe Added Benefits of Using Cellular for Primary Connectivity


Connects virtually anywhere – perfect for remote locations

Easily scaled; can connect 1000s of branches as easily as 1

No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months

4G LTE can connect even the most advanced applications, featuring high speeds and bandwidth

Cloud-managed for simplified remote monitoring and management of the entire network

Advanced security features and PCI compliance keeps the network edge secure



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