3G/4G for Internet of Things

Connecting the Internet of Things requires anywhere, anytime networking which is completely flexible and scalable. Using 3G/4G for Internet of Things deployments delivers just this, while also keeping the enterprise network secure.

Enterprises are employing the Internet of Things to deliver new business models and revenue streams, as well as drive greater efficiencies. Supporting all sectors from the heavily industrial to the enterprise space, there is no doubt that Internet of Things adoption is here, and growing rapidly.


Defining the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is one of the broadest technological developments in recent years, with use cases stemming from a huge number of applications across all industries – both in the consumer and enterprise space. By definition it refers to a connected network of “things” which are able to exchange information. In the enterprise space this information can be used for a variety of reasons: improving customer understanding and engagement, real-time feedback on the status of assets, delivering new products or services, and so on.

Regardless of what these connected things are though, and what information they are sharing, all enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios have similar features. They:

  • Typically stretch over a highly distributed estate
  • Require two-way communication capabilities


And they have similar challenges:

  • Information security concerns
  • Funding requirements and cost vs. benefit to ensure an appropriate return on investment (ROI)
  • Delivering connectivity to distributed locations which can be highly remote


While the IoT has the potential to deliver many benefits to businesses, it can only do so if it meets and overcomes these challenges appropriately. A poorly specified Internet of Things deployment can be a very costly mistake, which doesn’t deliver the necessary results and leaves an organisation exposed.


Connectivity; the single biggest challenge to creating a true Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things concept hinges on being able to connect and exchange data across a widely spread network of objects – yet connecting such a highly distributed estate is challenging in itself. Doing so securely and cost-effectively is even more problematic. Traditional fixed lines are too investment-heavy, and cannot offer the flexibility required to connect the IoT, and satellite connectivity, while more flexible, can be very expensive to run.


Enterprise-grade 4G LTE networking; reliable, scalable and secure.

Where fixed line and satellite alone cannot offer the flexibility required to scale a distributed estate, or deliver a cost-effective solution, 4G LTE networking can. Offering true flexibility, “things” can be connected in virtually any location at any time, using the widespread cellular networks already in place.

With high speeds and bandwidth available over 4G LTE networks, a cellular solution can connect even the most advanced IoT applications.

Cloud-managed and secure.

Our leading cellular networking technologies are all cloud-managed with advanced security features and capabilities. This not only enables organisations to ensure the security of their most remote IoT network edge, but also ensures that the distributed network of 4G LTE routers and gateways are easy and cost-effective to deploy and manage.


Examples of the Internet of Things using 4G LTE.

The following are just a few examples of how organisations today are using cellular connectivity to put the Internet of Things to work:

Utility and energy companies are connecting their entire estates from energy generation, through transmission, to distribution – enabling them to monitor and manage them remotely. This decreases cost of management, streamlines workflows and makes site visits more efficient. Improved visibility of the estate’s status is also helping companies to combat things like energy theft.

Connected vehicles are helping organisations to better manage their fleets and optimise their field teams. By enabling fleet management systems to provide real-time status reporting, companies are improving their fleet’s efficiency and security. The same IoT connectivity is also allowing field employees to remotely access and update central systems, helping to better synchronise workflows and improve worker productivity.

Remote machine monitoring can be supported for machines of all kinds by connecting them using an IoT solution that enables two-way communications. From kiosks to digital signage, companies are using the IoT to remotely manage and monitor machines in all locations – saving on field engineer costs while improving machine uptime, and increasing revenue generated as a result.



3G/4G for internet of thingsThe Importance of the Internet of Things


Deliver business transformation by engaging new business models

Enable new revenue streams by leveraging the IoT to create new products and services

Drive down costs by improving operational efficiencies

Better understand customer behaviour and increase customer engagement

Ultimately improve business intelligence for more informed decision making




4G LTE connecting the internet of thingsThe Added Benefits of a Cellular Internet of Things Solution


4G LTE can connect even the most advanced applications in virtually any location

Cloud-managed for simplified remote monitoring and management of the entire network

Advanced security features keeps the network edge secure

Easily scaled; can connect 1000s of branches as easily as 1

No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months

Cost-effective with minimal infrastructure investment, delivering a clear ROI



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