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Westbase.io supports it customers from concept through to delivery, providing communication solutions for all types of businesses and organisations across the UK and Europe to help them get better connected. Find out more about the applications our technology solutions can enable, as well as the industries they benefit, by browsing the below content.



Application Solutions

  • Connected Worker

    Providing front line and remote workers with the information and support they need, the RealWear HMT supports a range of connected worker solutions including digital workflow, remote expert, industrial IoT visualisation and document navigation. Read more >
  • Pop-Up Networking

    3G/4G pop-up networking provides an instant, reliable and secure solution to connect temporary locations with ease – perfect for events, pop-up shops or restaurants, emergency centres for public services, mobile health trailers and more. Read more >
  • Digital Signage

    Organisations are always looking for ways to improve their communications, both corporate and customer-facing, and digital signage has become a leading tool in achieving this. Read more >
  • Industrial Connectivity

    Industrial connectivity solutions are essential to enabling modern industrial processes, particularly automation. Connecting equipment to the network enables systems to collate, integrate and share data efficiently. Read more >
  • Parallel Networking

    3G/4G parallel networking enables enterprises to easily deploy “air-gapped” networks, so that at risk applications can be completely separated from the primary network. This keeps the core enterprise network secure, while still connecting all necessary applications. Read more >
  • Primary Connectivity

    As businesses expand their footprint to new and sometimes unusual locations, connectivity can become a challenge. With 3G/4G primary connectivity though, they can get connected anywhere, anytime. Read more >
  • Internet of Things

    Connecting the Internet of Things requires anywhere, anytime networking which is completely flexible and scalable. Using 3G/4G for Internet of Things deployments delivers just this, while also keeping the enterprise network secure. Read more >
  • Rapid Deployment Connectivity

    3G/4G rapid deployment connectivity provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that connects businesses from day one, enabling new sites and locations to work at full capacity regardless of fixed line availability. Read more >
  • In-Vehicle Networking

    3G/4G in-vehicle networking provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that connects fleets on-the-road, enabling the latest transport applications to maximise fleet efficiency and improve customer service. Read more >
  • Failover and OOBM

    3G/4G Failover and OOBM connectivity provides an instant, reliable and secure solution that not only keeps businesses online when their primary network fails, but also enables remote, out-of-band, troubleshooting to help restore the primary network. Read more >

Industry Solutions

  • Retail

    The retail industry is where data communication plays a key role in satisfying end users and customers. Digital signage for example can be used to interact with and inform consumers and wireless payment systems can ensure that business operations are seamless at all times. Read more >
  • Construction

    M2M in the construction industry can help to deliver more effective, on time and on budget projects, as well as ensuring connectivity through rapid deployment. Data communication devices can connect business applications to end users and monitor the security of assets. Read more >
  • Rural Broadband

    There are many initiatives to deliver better broadband for rural and remote areas. Data communication devices can support those working in rural and remote industries as well as connecting those communities who live and work in areas with poor fixed-line broadband. Read more >
  • Banking

    To drive customer service excellence, while ensuring high levels of security and compliance, banking organisations are investing in new technologies such as extended ATM networks and in-branch digital banking. With this, the edge of the network is becoming more highly distributed and therefore requires more flexible connectivity. Read more > 
  • Public Sector

    Highly diverse in its requirements, the public sector stretches across multiple types of industry. One clear commonality however is the need to work more efficiently and productively, in order to maximise resources which are under budgetary constraints. Connectivity can enable this. Read more >
  • Public Transport

    Public transport organisations are rapidly expanding their on-the-road technology in order to deliver improved efficiencies and to expand customer service capabilities. Offering simple installation and integration with existing network infrastructure, 3G/4G solutions can deliver superfast, reliable and secure connectivity anywhere – a perfect solution for mobile applications. Read more > 
  • Fleet Transport

    Whether a car, van or lorry fleet, the demand for connectivity on the road is growing. With businesses embracing centralised systems and new tracking technologies, fleets are now highly reliant on a reliable connection to their enterprise network. Read more > 
  • Security

    The security industry is rapidly evolving by playing an increasing importance in other sectors. Data communication devices can help to remotely monitor the security of large estates or establishments, manage in-transit vehicles and staff and secure an organisation’s assets. Read more >
  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is experiencing significant growth in the development and use of critical data communication technologies. These can range from the co-ordination of clinical trials to monitoring patients at home and the delivery of mobile healthcare services. Read more > 
  • Fire and Rescue Services

    Delivering reliable connectivity on the road for fire and rescue services can provide your teams with access to the information they need to improve communication and situational awareness on the scene, increasing the safety of firefighters and the citizens they serve. Read more >
  • Ambulance Services

    Enabling your paramedics and ambulance fleet with connectivity on the road provides them with access to the information and capabilities they need, in any location, to improve the patient services they can deliver in the field. Leverage the benefits of 4G LTE enabling them to respond more quickly and effectively. Read more >
  • Police Services

    Ensuring you can respond quickly and effectively to situations is a must for police services, but doing this isn’t always easy – especially when forces are coming under increasing demand, but are faced with reducing resources. A 4G LTE in-vehicle networking solution can help. Read more >
  • Utilities

    Utility companies need to consistently improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and assets – both fixed and mobile. As they introduce new technology and working models to enable this, the need for flexible, secure and cost effective connectivity increases. 3G/4G networking solutions provide an answer to this. Read more >
  • Energy

    The energy industry benefits hugely from the deployment and integration of networked data communication devices, ranging from mobile technologies for smart metering purposes to M2M devices used in harsh environments where remote management is essential. Read more >
  • Marine

    Getting and staying connected at sea, so that communications can run seamlessly as your ships move between territories, is no small challenge. Yet, today, connectivity is becoming more and more essential for marine applications. Read more >
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