3G must reach to 90 percent of UK by 2013 states Ofcom

Ofcom has announced that the UK networks must provide 3G services to 90 percent of the UK by 2013 if they’re to continue to operate as ‘an electronic communications network’. Previously the networks were obliged to guarantee 80% 3G coverage.

Networks must also guarantee a minimum download speed of 768kbps in outdoor locations ‘with a 90 percent probability’ within what Ofcom is calling a ‘lightly loaded cell’.

The latest UK Mobile Services Map from Ofcom (from 2011) show that in most areas (red) 3G coverage by geographic area was less than 25 percent. Purple areas indicate where 3G coverage is greater than 25 percent (but less than 50).

3G coverage in a handful of areas (orange) is greater than 50 percent (but less than 70) and there’s just a few pockets where there’s 70-90 percent of 3G coverage (blue) or greater than 90 percent (green).

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